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product arrow Chicco - Baby Control Classic *Sold*

Sold Out
Chicco - Baby Control Classic *SOLD*
Price Rp 550.000

Kondisi : 90%
Harga bisa dinett!!

Hear Sounds coming from your baby's room at a distance (+/- 250m) with Chicco Baby Control.
Features :

  1. On/Off button
  2. Channel A and B selector
  3. On Light and baterry charge indicator
  4. Extra sensitive microphone
  5. Volume control
  6. Speaker
  7. Indicator lights showing intensity of sound
  8. Belt clip
  9. Mains adaptor
  • Dual power supply : Both the transmitter and the receiver may be operated on batteries or on mains current using the adaptors supplied
  • 2 Channels with no-interfarence system : A 'pilot signal' allows the receiver to recognise the transmitter, cutting interference
  • Indicator Lights showing intensity of sound : check on the intensity of sounds coming from your child's room even when the volume is turn down.