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product arrow Flower Stroller Wrap - Lamaze *SOLD*

Sold Out
Flower Stroller Wrap - Lamaze *SOLD*
Price Rp 75.000

Kondisi : 90%
Harga Nett!!

Untuk usia 3 bulan ke atas
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  • Inspire Curiosity :
    • Auditory         : A Crinkly sound in every petal stimulates baby's hearing.
    • Motor Skills   : Grab, pull, and spin the beads! Watch busy fingers grow strong.
    • Visual            : Whoosh! Baby's eyes follow the moving beads!
  • Encourage Interaction :
    • Catch Me!    : You slide one bead, show baby how to slide the other. Now follow each other!
    • Spinning beads : Give the bugs a spin and watch them whirl! Let baby try!
  • Awaken Imagination :
    • Smell the flowers, watch the bee! It's a garden, a park, a curly green tree!